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Inspiration for My Spring Cleaning

I have been reading posts about reuse to inspire my spring cleaning. This post does double duty with gardening tips. Enjoy your weekend!

Fine Frugality

I’m a big fan of “waste not, want not”. I try to find uses for as many items as I possibly can and love when something has many uses. Bath tissue and paper towel cardboard tubes are no different. Luckily, they can be used for many things and will also be a big help if you’re a gardener.

Here’s some ideas to get you rolling (hahaha get it…rolling):

You could use them as fire starters for your fireplace, wood stove or even campfire. Fill the tubes with dryer lint and you’ve got great kindling! Or you could wrap small gifts in them. Fold one end over (two folds), insert the gift, and fold the other end and tape both ends. Roll it up in colorful tissue paper and tie at each end. Great for those small, hard to wrap items. If you don’t want to put a gift in them…

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