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Blue Bears Are Not Always Sad — Mad Man Knitting

My mom passed away a few days before Christmas. I have been busy going through her things. Years ago, she was an avid knitter. I recently found several of sweaters and hats that she made. I dabbled with knitting, but haven’t done it in years.

Mom saw an article about these teddy bears and the man who creates them. She had thought about ordering a bear. As I was looking at my reader, I saw this photo and article about knitting. I think she’s telling me to keep her knitting supplies and work on my knitting skills.

So, I got up this morning with this plan in my head. 3am. No time to waste. First half of the day, work up a bear to sell to pay off my taxes, second half of the day, knit up a bear on order. I got off to a good start! And I was enjoying […]

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