Declutter to help yourself and others!

I am sorting through boxes from my mom’s that are now at my house. I had a rice cooker. Mom had five rice cookers. Three were new, never-used, and in boxes.

I’m also sorting through the stuff that we have accumulated. I had garage sales the past two weekends. It’s a lot of work with very little money to be made. Consider the time involved with sorting through boxes, moving shelves, pricing items, making/putting out signs. I am guessing that I would be lucky to make 50 cents per hour for all the time involved.


By coincidence, a segment on Dr. Oz’s show today discussed clutter and stress. The guests discussed organizing tips and reasons why clutter is bad.

Some people eat when they are upset. Well, supposedly, the kitchen reflects that. Oddly enough, there is nothing on our kitchen island and the counters are not too bad. I concede it could use a little more work.

Clutter in the bathroom makes getting ready more difficult because you have to look through stuff. Less stuff simplifies your routine.

Easy tip: remove expired items and get rid of duplicate items.

The closet. Get rid of clothes that you no longer wear, don’t fit, are in bad condition, etc.

Donate things like clothing, appliances, etc. to help others. You’re helping yourself and others!

See tips from the show  The 40-day plan to declutter.

By the way, I spent the afternoon organizing the garage. He was excited that the cars could be parked in the garage.

Coincidence that today’s mail had a card from the Disabled Vets with the pickup date?  Because there’s still a lot of work to be done in the house.


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